Congrats Peter & Becky…

Well, I headed down to the Twin Cities today for Peter & Becky’s wedding. I’m glad I gave myself plenty of time. I kind of got lost but still made it an hour before the wedding. I got to see some former camp staff I haven’t seen for awhile. It was fun to reconnect with people again. Greg & Janet sat next to me at the wedding and I got a little caught up on what’s been happening at camp more recently. The wedding was great. I do have to say though that weddings are getting hard for me. Genesis 2:18 was referenced a lot today, which is fitting for a wedding. However, for a guy in my situation, it’s a hard thing to listen to. I’m not going to go off on that whole subject. That comes up enough on here.

So after the wedding I headed off to the reception. So of course I get briefly lost again. I was reminded again why I don’t like driving in the Cities. I finally did get there right on time. I sat with Kim & Ole, Sarah Haugrud & Tracy (a camper, Sarah’s friend). There were empty seats, so I’m not sure if there were other camp people that didn’t make it. It was nice to catch up with those guys. Krista came by the table of course, I’m sure she misses her sister. It was fun to visit with Krista a bit too. She’s not online much so I only chat with her once in a while. We had our salad and then after a good wait we finally got to make our way to the buffet. Great food! When it came time to have cake Krista decided to serve it up, it was a chocolate cake at our table, so I passed on it. Some may not know it but I’m not a big fan of chocolate. Well the cake instructions were to share among the tables, so I grabbed a non-chocolate piece from the neighboring table. I felt bad that I did though. Krista was so sweet to go get me piece. She still remembered that I didn’t really like chocolate. Her & Becky always made a point of trying to leave out the chocolate when they were my assistant cooks.

Well, when it came to the dance time I decided to hit the road. I quitely really like dancing, but I’m just too shy to get out there. I’m going to have to wait with the dance and see if someone comes along that I can actually dance with. That wasn’t the only reason I decided to head out. I had a good long drive back to Fergus and with church I didn’t want it to be too late. So that’s about all my day was about. On the ride back I had a lot of time to just think about things. Some of which I’ll be posting in my first private blog page, things I’m just not ready to share with the world.

The private blog page will be good for me, because it will give me a place I can write and not worry what people might think, as they won’t be seeing it. Honestly I’d like to just put it out here for everyone to see, but these thoughts concern some pretty intimate feelings, that I just really don’t want people sticking their noses in. It could also make someone upset if they read it, and I don’t want that to happen. I’ll perhaps give certain close friends access to it.

Well once again the night comes to and end…chow!

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  1. LOL, no not shutting anyone out. There are just some thoughts that I realy don’t feel like the public at large should see. I’m pretty transparent on here most of the time. There is simply one area that I just don’t think I can be that public with. I’d share them with certain people if they asked about it.

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