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My life is in the machine…

Well, I’m dead tired and I’m sitting here with a dead machine. I’m feeling the curse of the dry winter air. I walked up to my laptop at work today and zap. I thought that I got by lucky as I was able to start it up and work on it awhile, can’t remember how long. When I got to my parents tonight I found that after about 15 minutes of use the machine locks up tight. I’m having serious doubts it’s just a software issue. It’s not the new 1GB stick of memory, as I’ve tried running with that pulled, so that’s good I guess. Now I’m stuck with what to do next. I’ve got so many things I need to use that thing for, I can’t just call it a loss. I’m either going to have to see about getting it repaired, if possible, or go in debt to buy a new one. Yeah, if I made like $50,000 a year I’d be just fine with buying a new machine. I’ve been really working to get rid of the debt I do have, grr. Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings. I’m going to bed. Valete! 🙁

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