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The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly…

Well, yes I’m finally posting to the blog again. Trips tend to take me out of the blog-o-sphere. Well, sorry to disappoint many, but this is going to be a short one tonight. I’m not quite out of the dark on the sick feeling that hit me yesterday, pretty close though.

The Good: Had a good time with my family and got to hang out with two of my best friends growing up. It’s interesting to see where we are all at now in life. John’s all married with a baby on the way. Sounds like they’ll be doing some moving around in the years to come. I really hope John’s finds the job he’s really looking for. Jeff is still as quirky as every. John & I agreed we could see him being one of those eccentric professors, this is probably where he’s headed. And then there’s me, you all know where I’m at. A new 15in PowerBook G4 arrives tomorrow! :-/

The Bad: My iBook is not going to be resurrected by me. The decision this morning, after a quick phone call, was to buy a new (actually refurb’d) PowerBook from Small Dog Electronics. Just what I always wanted more debt. 🙁 I struggled with this decision for the past few days. I’ve got too many projects that need to be done that this seemed to be my only good choice. Some may ask why I’m not happy to be getting a new computer, spending money I don’t have is not something I like doing. Let’s hope I can get this things paid off soon. So I’ve been sick since yesterday. It took all I had to get through running the projection at church for both services. It wasn’t like I could call in sick on that as I was the last resort to finding someone for this weekend. I basically slept all day yesterday was up for an hour then went back to bed until like 8:30 this morning. Decided it was worth it to use a little sick time, I’ll never use it otherwise. Besides being sick yesterday, the weather was terrible, so no Settlers, grr.

The Ugly: How about this crappy weather. Could it be any nastier. I don’t mind fluffy snow, but not this hard freesing rain stuff. Give us some real winter snow.


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