The Apple Saga Continues…

So I’m happy to announce that I’ve been banned from posting to the Apple Discussion Forums. I was warned a second time this morning to cease my posts, then after posting again I was notified in the early afternoon that I was banned from posting. Here is the email I got:

—- Begin Message —-
Timothy J Nolte,

A number of your recent posts to the Apple Discussion Forums, from one or more Apple IDs and/or IP addresses, continue to be inappropriate. As previously warned, your ISP(s) may be notified about these postings, and your Discussions posting privileges have been suspended.

Apple Discussions Staff
—- End Message —-

And here is what I was banned for:

—- Begin Post —-
Well of course once again, the powers that be have removed my post. I’m going to be faithful to all those that need this. I have had probably 20 requests for the 4.9 installer (Apple get a clue). Well here we go again people.

—- Original Post —-
So for people that need it here’s the iTunes 4.9 download and the steps I used to restore my Library.

1. Get a copy of the iTunes 4.9 installer.
2. Launch “Activity Monitor” found in /Applications/Utilities/, quite the iTunes Helper process.
3. Remove iTunes 5 from your Applications folder.
4. Move all the iTunes* files from /Library/Receipts/ to a backup folder.
5. Move all iTunes Library files to a backup folder. (this is not your music file organized folders, just the XML and “iTunes Library” files.
6. Keep a copy of the “iTunes Library (Damaged)” file in your iTunes folder. Rename it to “iTunes Library”.
7. Run the downloaded iTunes 4.9 installer. Follow on-screen instructions.
8. Run iTunes 4.9, and you should have your Library restored.

*Download URL: Apple download link doesn’t work. Send a post here if need a link to download the iTunes 4.9 installer.

—- End Original Post —-

Hope this helps people.

NOTE: Not sure how long this post will last. Get in while you can.
—- End Post —-

So you tell me how is that inappropriate? I’ve had many ideas ranging from Apple’s decision to make like Microsoft to a simple ignorant forum moderator. Also my best guess is that the “powers-that-be” didn’t appreciate me providing the 4.9 installer because I don’t own it. I have help a bunch of people thankfully. Here are some responses I’ve received:

All backup all in my external hd for future ref now. 🙂 I am extremely relieved and happy.

I hope you will be able to fix your problem soon. I just don’t understand why they would be deleting your posts if they pertain to the subject line. Good luck and take care. You have been absolutely helpful and patient with me. Thank you.


thank you so much…you are quite the popular guy right now!


Thanks so much – it worked just fine.


Anyways, I’ve only had good intentions from the start. This practice that Apple has taken seems to be along the lines of Microsoft. If they are going to begin to force their users to use the software only they want them to use I feel I’m going to have to turn my back on Apple and go completely Linux. I will being to do my best to help everyone I know move to Linux and support them all they need.

Back to what happened after I got banned. I decided to make a call. Ideally I desired to get ahold of whoever was in charge of the Discussion Forums, but wouldn’t you know it no contact info to be found. I went searching for the most appropriate channel to take to get my voice heard. I decided well lets contact the Public Relations department. After getting to an operator they transfered me to the corporate offices once there I was told I would be the next in line to talk with someone. Well I sat on hold for probably a good 20 minutes or something. Basically I made the decision that I wasn’t going to give up. Finally someone answered and I layed it all out for him. He seemed to be sympathetic and did his best to get me in contact with the right channels to resolve this issue. He finally found a contact form which appeared to be an internal site, I wasn’t able to get to it. So he spent a good amount of time typing away a note on my behalf. He also gave me the form to use to request that the iTune 4.9 download be restored. In the end basically, I got something through to somewhere, not that any action has yet taken place that I’ve seen, and my voice heard. I’m hoping that by the end of the week Apple will resolve all of these iTunes 5 issues, and/or provide a supported means to revert to 4.9 until they do resolve the issues. Time will tell, I may be making another call into Apple this week. Stupid thing I just realized is that I didn’t get the guys name & number that I spoke with. I’m happy with giving someone new an ear full.

Well, the only other news from today is that I’ve raised a lot of concerns with friends with how depressing some of my posted have been. I have to say that posting to the public like this is kind of a good therapy for me. I know a lot of my depression moments stem from the unanswered desire for a relationship and ultimately a family. And the fact that what I thought was an answer to prayer ended up being an extremely heart-breaking experience. I guess I’m just looking for something to replace that loss and fill a sense of being alone. I tend to get a picture in my head at times of some 50-year old guy living alone, being me of course. I guess if that’s God’s plan than obviously there is a good reason for it. It’s just not what I always imagined, that’s why He’s in control and we’re(I’m) not. He knows what’s best.

Well another long post, and my eyes are actually getting tired at this time of night for once. So until tomorrow…chow!

Oh yeah, so my mom tried pointing me to eHarmony tonight. Then I informed here that it costs like $50 a month and I already was aware of it. “Oh” was the response, thanks Mom, Love You!

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