Forgive Me…

I wrote this some time ago. I can’t find my recording of it so looks like I may be re-recording it.

Forgive Me
Words & Music by Timothy J Nolte

Oh Lord, I had walked with You.
You guided me, You led my feet.
I let go of Your guiding hand,
And slowly drifted away.

Oh Lord, please forgive me.
Oh Lord, I need You in my life.
Oh Lord, please forgive me.
Oh Lord, I give to You my life.

Oh Lord, I saw Your servant work,
Your wondrous power, Your healing words.
I felt Your calling in my heart,
And I yearned to serve.

I come to You a broken man,
I fall before Your Holy throne.
In Your light I see my sinfulness,
My unworthiness to come to You.

I thank You for the saving grace,
You gave to us through Your Son.
I ask now for Your forgiveness,
To walk with You once again.

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