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A Post, A Post, At Last A Post

So what have we been up to, well when I say we I mean me. So life has been a little crazy this past week, although I don’t expect it to calm down anytime soon. I’ve got a lot of things to do by this weekend. I’ve got a load of photos to scan and some more video to import. I don’t think I’ll be getting the Cantata CD’s done by Christmas, oh well. Ok I guess I’m getting a little ahead of myself. How about we go back to last week.

So my last post was Wednesday. That night was youth group and the whole youth praise team was there to lead music. We were even able to get everything setup in the fellowship hall so it made the night flow a lot more. I got some really encouraging feedback that night. I’m really hoping that we can get to a point of leading music with the whole team every other week. We’re going to be leading some Christmas songs at the Christmas party next week, so this will give us an indicator of how we can do with just one practice. I really should see about nailing the music down tomorrow and make CDs and music to give them on Wednesday. That way they can at least do some practicing on their own before we practice together. Well, we’ll see. We had a pretty good discussion again during our small group time. I always struggle with inadequecy when it comes to leading small group. I just have to trust that God is working despite me, and I know He can.

Thursday was game night again, before hand I was working on getting some things ready for the weekend and working on a DVD project. It was a bit different night as two of the guys weren’t there. It was a good time, shorter normal which was fine as I had more prep for the weekend to do. I was up pretty late that night.

Worst part of last week was getting out of my pattern of early to bed. This made it hard to get up in the morning. Also my devotions time was suffering, this made me a bit frustrated. I’m working this week to get back on track. It’s so hard when I’m still naturally a night person. Another area God needs to work on.

Work last week had it’s slow and crazy days. I’m still a little frustrated with having to bill out my computer time to other departments. It seems so rediculous. I think my biggest problem is I hate paperwork. I’d really like to just do my work and not waste my time documenting every little thing. This isn’t really the right answer, documentation is important, it’s just the part of my job I don’t care much for.

So on Friday it was off to Le Sueur for the recording project I’ve been doing for the last few years. My home church does a Christmas Choir Cantata each year. I started doing the recording for them and making CDs. As I’ve gotten better equipment, it seems how things have been planned and run at the Cantata have changed. Saturday was pretty much a day of trying to get in tune with how the Cantata was going to go. The first performance on Saturday ended up being a bust as far as getting much of anything usable for a CD. The second night was much better, that will be the one I use for the CDs.

I didn’t get home until like 11pm Sunday night. This resulted in me not going to work until 8am this morning. It was alright, but it would have been nice to be home a bit earlier.

Well, that would be the quick side of things. This week will probably be pretty busy too, even though I don’t have an set plans for this weekend. I’m really hoping to get together with the youth guys again to continue through the study of Romans.

Again, another late night. One final note, so I guess I’m not cancelling my eHarmony account. There’s no refund so I’m not about to just willingly throw the money away, perhaps that is part of God’s plan(?). Well, I actually changed my match distance to anywhere in the world. While this partly doesn’t make a lot of sense for me, as I can’t really afford to travel, why put a limit on what God might be planning, right? I’ve determined that I’m fine with being single at the moment. And right now I’m facing the truth that the time I spend on eHarmony right now is with no expectations, I can’t have any expectations, and I need to keep in that mind set. If I don’t stick to leaving it in God’s hands, I get my emotions involved and then get all down if something doesn’t work out. At this point any communication that happens is just me having some dialogue with someone on the internet. Sure God might have a plan with something there, but I’ll be leaving it up to Him to reveal that.

Once again, I feel as thought I’ve had my long-post syndrome, hehe. Ah, if I wasn’t so sleepy, and it wasn’t so late, I’d probably go into even more details from the weekend. Then again, not very many would be interested in knowing what I had for supper on Sunday night, LOL. Well Pizza Ranch Pizza if you must know, hehe. Well, until tomorrow once again, valete!

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