Colds Stink…

Well, this is going to be another short post. I didn’t get hardly any sleep last night. This cold I’ve caught has really made things hard. Also, with the stuff I’ve got going on, and trying to get up early has been really conflicting. I really need to get some rest. Leading music tonight was tough with this cold, I messed one song and sounded terrible. I can’t wait to get the rest of the team leading, it’ll really help me out.

I feel bad that I haven’t spent much time with the youth guys in the last many weeks. I feel like I really wasted this summer. I know I was gone a binch of times and had a bunch of work to do, but I really should have taken more time out to spend with the guys. Hopefully after this week, and the wedding this weekend I’ll be more available. It’s hard to find time that works around their work schedules and the other stuff going on. I still feel bad that Alex made a point to try and get together last night but I just didn’t have the time.

Last thing before I sign off for the night. I think I’ll be joining a group that is going through Life Shapes on Sundays. Wow, God continues to open my eyes to see how He knows what we need, and desire, and is in control of all things in our lives. I would say that the Life Shapes group probably isn’t the group I thought I was looking for, but I know it is the group God knew I needed. I’m excited to get into the Life Shapes series! I’d gotten a little taste of it when I went out to the convention this summer.

Well, I have to be going. I know I could write a lot more, but sleep calls. Here’s hoping some sleep and vitamin C kick this cold. Chow!

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  1. its ok we’ll just find a time. everyone’s been real busy lately. me included. Just remember if i commit suicide I blame you completely and expect flowers at the funeral. and one of those little cakes that you cut up into little pieces and hand to people on the mini plates and they could mourn my death well gettng sugared up and then make run on sentences in the comment field on your blog can you tell i had some dr. pepper a while back because its really starting to kick in just now when i really have to go to bed wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ok bye

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