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When God Calls for Patience…

I’ve been caught up tonight in some major Google searching. “For what” you may ask, “where is God leading me?”. The realm of my searching was community of faith, postmodern youth outreach, and reading some about the idea of the emergent church. What does this all mean? I have no clue. I feel an urgency to move (not just location), and for making great changes in my life. I’m searching to find out what’s next. I’m finding that perhaps God is calling me also to be patient and let Him reveal this change to me in His time. I kind of feel like it’s a bit cruel to be called in such a way but then asked to wait. I know, of course God is not being cruel, He is just using this opportunity to teach me once again my need to rely on Him and put my complete trust in Him. This change that will be happeningin my life, God’s got it all takencare of, He’s got all the details worked out. I just need ready to takethe steps as He shows me the path. Funny God 😛

Well, anyone that is looking at this here blog, keep me in your prayers. Also if you’ve got and God-inspired revelations of what I ought to be doing I’d love to hear them. Well, I’m off to that sleepy place.

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