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When God Moves…

Well, I have a feeling if I just let things start to fly this post might get rather lengthy. Hmm, hold on to your hat. ๐Ÿ™‚ So today was sort of a struggle for me. The part of my job that I like the least is having to sit at a computer and correct people’s addresses, or add them to a mailing list, yuck. I’m finding I’ve become bored with the whole thought of doing data entry. The things I always like about computers and technology in general are making them do cool new things. Also not just do cool things, but things that can help people better accomplish their work. Well, I’m at a loss to know any better, or cool, way to get information into the database. So let’s just say that I took some opportunities to play around with some video conferencing software.

Youth group tonight was kind of odd, and then I never really expect (or ever want) it to be “normal”. Hangout and game time was good. The game we played I had been apart of this summer when we played it. Let’s just say I ended up eating the banana that time. I wasn’t in the mood for eating a banana and I wasn’t in the mood to get my white shirt stained again, as happened to me last time. I found a way to bow out of the game and just snap some photos. [side note: That reminds me that I’ll have to get the photos from tonight up on the photo gallery.] I would have to say that God was moving through our praise and worship time. As a worship leader, when you can let all of the pressures of “getting things right”, and truely use the time as your own act of worship, the Spirit can move. I was in awesome wonder as I took moments to listen to the youth be in a spirit of praise and worship to God. Amazing!

The teaching time was kind of a roller coaster, but I pray that God’s truth was stayed and touch hearts. Our small group time went pretty well i think, it can always be a struggle for me to use the time to dig deeper and not just spew back the words already spoken during the large group time. I always feel like the questions given to use leaders just move in that direction. My heart is to try to get deeper with my guys. I want to find out what they think about all this, what they struggle with, even share in some way how I also struggle with things, but also how God gives me what I need to get through. After the small group time I did have an opportunity to talk with Andrew, the youth director, about some things. We’re going to be getting together for supper next Monday.

Well, that’s about the gist of my day. There is also the aspect that my blog has been getting some relationship related traffic. And just a note to a few of you, you know who you are, you be nice to Vanessa. If things get out of hand there could be a small pounding in order. :-} Valete!

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhh cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute. Your protecting her. YOUR HER KNIGHT IN SHINY, SHINY, SHINY, BUFF, BUFF ARMOR.

    on a side note…um…anders made me say everything.

    and…i don’t know what your talking about. like…not at all. I just found this blog today. I’ve never even been here before.

    who is vanessa? who are you anyway?

    who shot kennedy.


  2. I thought it was very nice – Thank you Tim. I appreciate the protection.

    However, I’m not worried about Alex – I know he is all talk ๐Ÿ™‚

    And, for some reason I don’t think Anders had anything to do with what you said Alex.

  3. Hey,

    Sorry you have a boring job. Data entry is never fun. You can always check out my blog if you get to bored. I try to capture my daily devotional thoughts. I really like this blogging thing. Take care,

    The Sage

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