Just Another Quick One

So it won’t be long, of course it’s getting late again. Well I think I can count like 5 books I’m now in the process of reading…probably going to add another couple more before the month even starts I think. I’m sort of overwhelmed, but at the same time I’m kind of happy to actually be doing some reading. When I was a lot younger I used to read a lot. I remember buying books from the book clubs all the time. In those days I read some fantasy books, but I read a lot of mystery type books. Some of those that topped the list were the Hardy Boys and books that had X-Files type stories in them. The books I’m reading now aren’t anything like those but they are still excellent reading. Perhaps after this pile of books is read I may pick up a sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery book.

Work was good for the most part today. Actually two of my afternoon meetings got rescheduled, but it turned out that was a total God thing, as I had a lunch meeting that would have cut into those meetings. I think I’m seeing the end of the new online giving system I’m building for work. I’m hoping to flip the switch this Thursday, we’ll see, I may have to give it another week for testing. I really don’t want to push it out the door too quickly and have something go wrong. I already did get a funny error from IE about something being transmitted unsecurely and that has me a little worried. However the very thought that IE wouldn’t have a problem seems rediculious anyway, lol. Did I ever mention that I HATE Internet Explorer? I guess if it wasn’t bad then perhaps all things Apple wouldn’t look so much better. 😛

Well, ok this isn’t turning out to be as quick of a post as I thought. DONE.

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