Moved In And Lovin’ It

Well folks (readers/freinds) I’m am now know as a Michigander (as Vanessa would call it). I haven’t gotten a new drivers license or license plates on the car but I really do feel at home at the moment. I still need to get myself familiar with the area but I’ve got a map (thx Nessa!) and I’m pretty confident I’ll figure it out in no time.

The move went pretty well, all except the long drive, and little sleep, between Thursday & Friday. Thanks to those of you that helped with all the packing and loading. Actually on Friday, on the way through Wisconsin, we got stuck for an hour on the Interstate, as a trucking hauling scrap metal dumped it’s load all over the highway. After getting through that things went ok, other than taking a longer way around Chicago to avoid heavy traffic and construction. I think Chicago is the only big problem with the travel between here and MN. Too bad it couldn’t be transplanted somewhere else, lol. 😛

We got in at about 1:30-2:00 am Saturday and got the care off the tow-dolley and the freezer unloaded. We got a bit more sleep before beginning the unloaded process at 10am. Things went really smooth. way better than the unloading process. Vanessa’s parents and brother came over to help unload as well. That was suck a huge help. After the truck was unloaded we spent some time unpacking, Vanessa went and got Chicken Lickin’ for lunch, it was might good eaten I’d have to say. Afterwards we did a bit more unpacking, ran over to Vanessa’s to do some laundry and check email, and then took a break for a bit.

Saturday night we all headed over to the beach for a picnic supper. We walked out the the pier and along the beach. I’d have to say that I think our parents get a long very well. Our mom’s were kind of off in their own world at the beach. We ended the night with stopping over at Vanessa’s parents house to see some lettering tht Vince (Vanessa’s brother) had done on their wall. It was excellent what he had done. It was all the words that are Fruits of the Spirit. We headed back home and called it a night. My parents decided not to stay for church as they really needed to get back at a somewhat decent time. It sounds like they might try to come out in August sometime. (note: my parents called me while I was blogging and they discovered that by taking a somewhat different route that they were able to make better time. So now they know, it’s a bummer as they could have stayed for church but so it goes.)

So I’m actually at Vanessa’s no updating my blog as I don’t have any internet at my place yet. Hopegully I will get something setup this week. Well, I’m going to called it good for now. I’ll be doing my best to continue to keep you guys updated with my new life out here in MI. Thanks for all the good times and memories. I hope that some of you can come out to visit sometime. My house is always open to any of you. We’re going to try to get bcak out there at some point. tata!

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  1. Ashley says:

    i am glad that you like it there but i think it made you have more typos.

  2. Ashley says:

    ps you didnt give me a different head so i am dissapointed.

  3. Ashley says:

    i changed my head but i am still not satisfied.

  4. stop saying tata.

    i mean it. ashley looks like a dead punk rock chick. so yeah. good job.

  5. Ashley says:

    alex there is one that looks like you
    you should change it to that

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