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10 Things I’m Going To Love About MI

OK, so as I’m preparing this week for my big move to MI I’m thinking what I could share with you all about some reasons why I’m excited about this move. So here we go, let’s see if I can come up with 10.

1. More time I can spend with the most amzing woman I know! 😉

2. Many trips to a real beach! (with Vanessa of course!)

3. Taking dancing lessons (with an actual woman too!)

4. Living somewhere where there is more to do than hang out in the Pamida parking lot. (lol, jk, although this area is like Fargo/Moorhead so there is tons more to than Fergus)

5. A new job experience out in the real world. (not sure that this is something I love, but I’m excited for it)

6. Making new friends and meeting new people. (finally I can get out of the box a little perhaps)

7. Wide open opportunities to be used by God! (here I am Lord, er there I’ll be)

8. Could it be, less snow to shovel? I hope so!

9. I still feel like I’m in MN, although I still can’t figure out where all the lakes have gone. Seems they they moved them all together. (lol)

10. Did I mention that there is this girl there, and she has a thing for me I guess. It would seem that I have thing for her too! 😉

Well, I don’t think I did too bad. How can I leave out all the most important reasons, like Vanessa! 😉 I can’t really express how amazing she is and has been these past few weeks. She’s helped me in so many ways as I’ve prepared to make the move. I can’t wait to see her beautiful smile once again! I sure hope everyone gets a chance to meet her at some point. We’re both hoping to get back out this way to make some visits. It’s all going to depend on our schedules, vacation time, and finances of course. As always anyone is more than welcome to come visit.

I think I’ll be calling it a night for now. I’ve just been waiting for some laundry to get done. My apologizes for not updating you all to my most recent trip to MI. It can however be summed up in this: simply amazing! My favorite day was Saturday as we made breakfast together, made Father’s Day cards together, played a card game, talked, went to the beach, and watched a movie as we held each other. I just can’t wait to have more time with Vanessa! I know we’re going to be blessed to have some days over the 4th. I’m hoping we get to enjoy some fireworks together!

You can all be sure that I’m going to try and make a point of getting at least a weekly post up here once I get moved out there. I know you all will be itching to know what I’m up to! 😛 Well, tata!

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  1. You’re acting like a teenager. Aren’t you like 45 or something? Geez. Grow up. GOSH.

    So if I have a thing for this girl who used to have a thing for this other guy but now has a thing for me, should we have a thing together or have things with other people who enjoy things like things, and after all those things, how many times will I have said things?


  2. Ummm….I really think that BEACH…..is a truly relative term! I don’t think that MI has a beach….just a lakeside! Just my opinion!


  3. that doesnt look like alex. or caristy. if you subtract the facial hair it looks like crowzie…if you squint. i think you need more life like pictures now that you have left us for your woman. you should blog soon about if you like it there. and stuff. or things. hehe..

  4. Hey, sounds like some good reasons there… “Beach” is like comparing Alaska’s beach to Florida’sBeach my friend… it doesnt work!

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