In The Beginning

(John 1:1-14) – John starts out describing a little about what the beginning was like. The Word was another name given to Jesus. It’s interesting that John starts out this way. It is very clear that the importance is placed on this description to setup the rest of the book. Jesus claimed he was God, was equal with God. The very fact that he also had the name of the Word and that these verses explain exactly was Jesus claimed is not insignificant. Jesus Christ always was and is equal to God the Father & God the Holy Spirit.

John 1:12, this is a very popular verse. It explains the truth that all those that believe in Christ and follow Him become apart of God’s family as sons and daughters. This can be something that is hard for many as there is so much brokenness in families today. There is however a family that loves you just as you are. That’s the family of God.

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