New Year

Not Been Forgotten…But Changes Coming

New YearWriting a quick note that although my last post was 6 months ago I think it’s about time to make some changes. I’m not sure exactly the plan. I may just start working on bring this site up to speed and use it as my hub for both Twitter and Facebook. Some other possibilities might be to roll it into a new Family site or move it into a portfolio of work site. I’m not sure, but 1 thing is for sure that with all of the domain names and “sites” that I control I need to pay some attention to them once again…or at the very least set them up to be a launching point to my activities in the Social Media space. Well, I wanted to at least start the new year off on the right foot. Now off to attempt to watch some Merlin. Happy New Year’s to all…I pray that it will be another start to something great!

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