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Student Ministries

Going to make a quick post tonight. This is my second round of seeing my time come to an end working with a group of student guys. Crazy enough the last group of guys I had are just graduating college this year.

For me, no matter what it seems so hard to not havve regrets. Wishing I had more deep conversations, spent more time hanging out, took more opportunities to serve together, and I’m sure the list could go on. What I trust and hope in was that God was able to use me exactly as He had intended. I may never know if I really had an impact in these guys’ lives, and may even doubt when I catch glimspes of their lives down the road. What I can do is continue to keep them in my prayers and trust that God will continue to bring the righ people into their lives to continue to draw them closer to His. That is my heart and prayer.

That is what ministry is all about, point others to Him. I’m feel a bit of a struggle these days in trying to discover what God’s got planned next for me. I trust that He has exactly the right plan in the works. I’m praying that I can continue to seek His will and here His call clearly when it comes.

Well, that probably wasn’t as short as I probably intended, but then again I was never very good at keeping my thoughts short. πŸ˜‰

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