Sticking To The Plan, An Ready Training Run

This morning I was able to keep the pace on the slower side. It helped to keep my mind on the worship music and lifting family and the people of a Sierra Leone up in prayer. When you see family struggle and there is not much you can do to help you realize quickly that God is wanting you to bring those needs to him to take care of.

For the people of Sierra Leone, I don’t recall if their dry season has started yet, but regardless my prayers are for wells to continue to be drilled to provide more people easy access to clean water to help their children stay health and in school, and to improve life for their entire communities. And ultimately, through the provision of clean water, they would see God’s hand at work.

I’m still looking to raise another $350 for clean water, there it’s do time. Only 10 people to give $35 or 14 people to give $25. Every dollar helps to save lives.

Donate to Water, to Life – https://timn.me/2t9D4ne

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