An Easy Saturday “Long Run” To Finish Out The Week

I got out for a long overdue Saturday run, a “long run” as the training plan classified it. As expected, since it was a timed run I got more distance in than what was called for since pace is always a challenge for me. I still only got 3 runs in this week since my alarm didn’t get set on Thanksgiving day to get a short run in.

At around 26°F it was a pretty crisp and frosty morning. I don’t think I had quite enough layers on but that kept me pretty motivated to keep up the pace to keep warm. That’s one aspect of winter running that I don’t think people really considering about winter running. With the temperatures very cold you have a pretty strong built-in motivator to keep up the pace. I suppose it could also be cause for giving up sooner. If you can get yourself to the halfway mark going out you don’t have much choice to then make that trek back.

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