I Told My Wife I Was Just Going For A Short Run

So my distance terminology might just be a little wacky. When I told my wife that I was just going for a short run tonight she asked if I was running to the end of the street, which of course I responded with no I was just running 5 miles. She laughed. The other day on a work call I mentioned only running between 6-9 miles in the mornings, which got some puzzling responses as well. Having tackled 3 marathons, and putting in hundreds of training miles, I can say that I’m officially a long distance runner.

Today was a little bit of an off day since I ran in the evening. I’ve been managing a cold all week and not letting myself get enough sleep on top of it. I decided to sleep in instead of getting up early and running this morning in an effort to try and kick the cold. I also have to work late into the morning tonight too so I was trying to prepare for that also. I have to say that pace wise doing an evening run wasn’t so bad, however having had a late supper because my daughter’s softball game made for some interesting stomach feelings. This is one of those reasons why I prefer a morning run and not having all the food in my stomach.

I know it seems like I’m knocking out this running business in major ways but I still miss hanging out with the Hope Water team. I’m glad that I still stay connected through the online world with the team.

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