Just Another Tuesday Morning 10K

Since I kind of felt at an odd place training plan-wise I decided to do a long and hard run. I did however make sure I spent some time connecting with God through prayer and some worship music. During my run I couldn’t help feel blessed, and thankful, for my quick recovery from my surgery. I had the impression that I would have weeks of no running, but my recovery went so well I was feeling good for a run within a week.

I also was reminded that just a little over a year ago I had just returned from a trip to Sierra Leone Africa. I will never forget my experience there and the impact it has had on my life. Seeing first hand what life was like with and without water in Africa is something that is still really hard to put into words that effectively convey to others. My hope is that what I am able to share about my trip will continue to make a real impact on people and prompt them to join the mission.

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