WordCamp US 2019 – Thinking Remotely Through Games – Tammie Lister


Dissolve – thought barriers

Opens – creativity

Types of Play

Unoccupied Play – free to think on your own

Independant or solitary play

Onlooker play – watching others

Parrallel play – same time but separate

Associative play

Team Context

Parallel play – same task, in isolation

Associative Play – co-op working

Co-op Play – together as a team

Game Types


Unoccupied play – lab-time each week

Associative play – hack days


Parrellel Play – 6up (what if what could be) / elevator pitch

Co-op Play – Team shield

Merged play – Retrospective


  • Rose / bud / thorn
  • Fire / forge / treasure

Warm Ups – opens up everyone to collaborate

  • Sketch
  • Photo


Be flexible – adapt as play

Always summarize – document the play

Create game space – open and close, clearly communicate/define

Anyone can sketch – yes you can

Talking stick – silence hat / encourages everyone to have equal times

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