Why Do I Run? No, Really, Why Do I Run?

For some time now I’ve struggled with continuing to post my runs. I used to tell myself that I was trying to bring awareness to the need for clean water in the world, especially to our brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone, Africa. I feel like in the last few months I’ve lost sight of that, or if I’m really honest, it’s because I don’t think anyone else cares about that anymore.

everything that has been going on with the pandemic, and now with the needed focus on racial injustice, I feel like people have forgotten about all the needs that existed before. The needs in our world are so many and we can’t all focus on all of them but we need some of each of us to focus on some of them.

Even now as I finish up this post it’s ended up being over 24 hours since I actually completed my run. I don’t want to give up. I’m going to continue to push through this difficult time and do my part to help make this short time we all have on Earth a little bit better.

Give to clean water: https://timn.me/2020HWI

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