First Frozen Beard Run of 2021

This morning was a longer interval run, and it it was a lot colder than it has been, thus the frozen beard. It tool me a bit to get going this morning but I fought the urge to go back to bed and got out there and got it done.

Become a partner for clean water: https://timn.me/2020HWI

Hudsonville, MI 49426

16 °F Clear

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  1. Coming back to this after-the-fact, I’m realizing that it’s a pretty cool way to do exercise posts. I used to have a better way of doing these myself, and this is a great reminder. You should definitely post the example to the IndieWeb wiki when you get a chance: https://indieweb.org/exercise.
    When you’ve got a chance, take a look at your h-card so that when you end up sending webmentions to others your name, website, and avatar parse and show up correctly. You can test with https://indiewebify.me/
    Glad to have another WordPress IndieWeb site in the world!

    Also on:

    1. Thanks, I’ll look into my `h-card` settings, I think I have some pieces I may have disabled at some point due to other conflicts. Something that is interesting is that your comment has a syndication URL back to your old WordPress.com site. I’m not sure if that’s a result of the JetPack comments as well, so that might be another piece to run down. I may just need to give up on JetPack comments.

  2. I do syndicate copies of some of my articles and notes back to the old .com site, in part as a back up as well as for a small number of people who only follow me there. There is a recent glitch since the update to 5.6 that’s causing some of my other posts to syndicate across as well, but they’re all done as private posts (I think). I should have that issue sorted sometime this week.
    I’ll also note that the microformats mark up in your comments section is a tad off, so that you replies from your comment section are sending webmentions, but when parsed, I’m getting the original post back instead of your comment. I’ve duplicated it on my site, so you can see the “odd one” that came through as well as the duplicate which is what most would expect.
    In my opinion it’s these small and unexpected microformats glitches in the WordPress (Theme) space that are preventing a more massive uptake of the plugins. But once it’s working, being able to do a cross site conversation from post-to-post and comment-section-to comment section is rather nice and elegant!

    1. Yeah, I also made the mistake of not realizing that my reply actually made it back to your site. So I submitted manually my reply URL. Hopefully I can get more of this sorted out and have a bit more elegant solution as well.

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