Not A Good First Impression of WordPress 5.9 Fresh Install

So it sort of escapes me how something as fundamental and basic as starting up a new WordPress site can result in the Install screen blowing up. Sorry WordPress Core folks I think you need to push out the 5.9.1 patch now. :-/ #5.9

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  1. Hey Tim! I’m the co-Test lead for 5.9 and was unable to replicate what you described here. Another member of the test team wasn’t able to either. Can you provide more information and open a trac issue? https://trac.wordpress.org/ It would really help to have all of the details to replicate and to have it listed in a place where those of us working on 5.9 can help get it fixed for folks like yourself. Thanks so much in advance. It really helps to have folks like you reporting back on what you find.

    1. Hey Anne, yes I didn’t get a chance to dig into it further today but was hoping provide a patch when opening up a Trac ticket if possible. At least one other developer at our agency asked me about this as well because they ran into it as well.

        1. Anne, actually, what I’m seeing in that Trac ticket is different tables being referenced than what I saw. The errors we are getting are attempts at accessing the `wp_options` table not the `wp_sitemeta` table as mentioned in that Trac ticket.

          1. Anne, sorry looked at my screenshot again and it was also in reference to setting the transients. So hopefully that Trac ticket is the start of the fix. Thanks for getting back to me!

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