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WordCamp GR 2017 – WP-API: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly – J Andrew Scott

J Andrew Scott – http://rubberchickenfarm.com/ History of APIs RSS Advantages Fast & reliable Easy to consume Almost no technical footprint Disadvantages Read-only Static content No authentication No user-driven content (i.e. comments, favorites, etc) DIY API...


WordCamp GR 2017 – Elementary, My Dear Coder – Nicole Paschen Caylor

Nicole Paschen Caylor – https://github.com/nicolepaschen Code.org The Hour of Code Kodable – paid program, self-guided game Tynker – tynker.com Code Spark Academy Computer Science Curriculum Uses drag-n-drop code blocks Points out more efficient ways of...


WordCamp GR 2017 – Plugins: The WP Box of Chocolates – Stacy Vanden Heuvel

Stacy Vanden Heuvel – http://www.mtnwebs.net/ (blog) http://mtnwebs.com/ What are they? Premanufactured code that adds function and features. 51,000+ plugins available today. Dropped into a site. There is a plugin or everything. Why does anyone care?...


WordCamp GR 2017 – Development With Material Design – Matt Christensen

Matt Christensen – https://www.mattchristensen.net/ History Announced 2014 2015 Most Google apps use it Intended for Android Focused on Native Mobile, web was an afterthought What Is It? – https://material.io/ A metaphor – think paper Uniting...

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