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So I follow a lot of WordPress folks, given that I manage multiple WordPress sites and have been apart of multiple WordPress development efforts. Aaron Jorbin recently blogged about a few simple ways to blog more. Here’s my first pre-2017 blog post, taking Aaron’s advice. Peru, Illinois, United States of America
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Dusting Off The Blog in The Corner

I’m going to keep this a little short as I’m actually typing this all out on my phone. I decided to try to consolidate and at the same time bring my old blog up-to-date and back into the picture. I haven’t really taken the time to blog in years. Going to perhaps pick things up again, while at the same time tie in my Twitter and facebook. We’ll see how it goes, not making any commitment, plus I can only type so long on my phone before nmy hands get tired. More to come later, hopefully.

Long Time Gone…

Well, it seems that once I get out of sync with something it can be like pulling teeth to get back into it. It pretty much began when I moved out here to Michigan that my online presence started to fade a little. Since I’ve gotten married it’s been even less. I think what has happened is that when I was just a single guy there was not really anyone much to protect. I could pretty much voice my opinion and share my feelings about anything to the entire world without much fear of the consequences. Things are very different now. I have a wife to protect. This isn’t a bad thing. I’d protect her from anything I could, she’s my wife, I love her…
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It’s Late…But a Couple of Updates.

This is going to have to be short, I need to get ready for bed. Life’s been pretty great, but busy too. Vanessa and I have been busy planning wedding details and starting to get things ready at her place for me to move in. It’s tax season and I got my taxes all done and submitted last week. On the bad side my MN taxes are under review I guess, just got a not about it today. It doesn’t say that I’m being audited , but they sent me a questionnaire about my MI residency, perhaps they couldn’t believe that I’d think about moving to MI. 😛 jk Last week my PowerBook was sent off to Apple for a little repair. I also ordered…

Quick…New Calendar

Thx Google for all the neat tools they keep pumping out. I’m now using Google Calendar slightly integrated into my blog. Should work ok. I’m feeling the itch to get back into blogging and podcasting…we’ll see what the schedule brings. I’m also thinking it might be time for a WordPress upgrade and site redesign/makeover. I may even go so far as bridge the gap between my blog site on the Tim blog. Perhaps I’ll bring the designs of the two inline with each other and distribute the content logically between them as well. We’ll see what I feel like doing, let alone have time for. I’ve been feeling for some time that my blog site really kind of got out of hand with so much…