Quick…New Calendar

Thx Google for all the neat tools they keep pumping out. I’m now using Google Calendar slightly integrated into my blog. Should work ok. I’m feeling the itch to get back into blogging and podcasting…we’ll see what the schedule brings. I’m also thinking it might be time for a WordPress upgrade and site redesign/makeover. I may even go so far as bridge the gap between my blog site on the Tim blog. Perhaps I’ll bring the designs of the two inline with each other and distribute the content logically between them as well. We’ll see what I feel like doing, let alone have time for. I’ve been feeling for some time that my blog site really kind of got out of hand with so much stuff. There are parts that don’t get updated very often and perhaps should either be removed or at least moved to a page rather than taking up space on the long-winded sidebar. Well, I need to go to bed, blah! Cheers!

BTW, we’re going dancing tomorrow! (Tues) Actually, more accurately we’re taking a dance class. I can’t wait!

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  1. actually its not the big of a deal. I actually taught tim how do dance, along with how to start a socialist movement, and peel apples into to perfectly shaped squares using nothing more than a cd rom and a three pennies.

  2. Just so you know… Tim is a great dancer. He did very well! And, it was actually his idea, but I really had lots of fun too. I’m very excited to learn more with Tim.

    By the way, Tim is doing really well here. I know you all miss him, but I’m so glad that he is here. He is getting involved in lots of different things here. Sometimes I’m so busy that I feel bad, but Tim is always letting me know that he is here to help me. He is amazing! But you all already knew that right??

    Well, I thought I better comment on here – I hadn’t done that in quite some time. Oh and by the way, Tim has been planning something for my birthday on Saturday and he has been giving me clues each day. It has been pretty cool – but I’m not sure if I will figure it out until that night. He is so creative! Anyways, I better go.

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