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Introducing The Classics

I love it when I get a chance to introduce my kids to some of the movie classics I grew up watching, like Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. I constantly feel like they just don’t make movies like they used to. These days everything is special effects and action, whereas the technologic limitations forced a […]

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Love The Makerspace Plan By My Daughter’s Teacher

I love that my daughter’s teacher is planning to do a Friday Makerspace in his classroom. It’s so awesome to see teachers try new ways of learning!

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When God Calls for Patience…

I’ve been caught up tonight in some major Google searching. “For what” you may ask, “where is God leading me?”. The realm of my searching was community of faith, postmodern youth outreach, and reading some about the idea of the emergent church. What does this all mean? I have no clue. I feel an urgency […]

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Your Will Be Done…

So I’ve been lying in my bed restless, and this after taking night-time cold medicine, for the last 2 hours. Before I layed down I spent a good long while reading some scripture, some devotionals, and another book. I’m feeling right now that all I want for my life is to be doing what God […]

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Love Your Enemies…

Matthew 5:44 – So I happened to read a regular text entry on a Podcast that I subscribe to. This Podcast is like an audiobook, actually this is his second book. Well it would seem his site, with posts and comments, was hacked. This in and of itself isn’t a huge deal, except for the […]

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Another Recent IM Session . . .

Tim: I just feel like the world today is just destroying our youth Cassie: that and not alot of ppl are covering them in prayer…they just call it “humanity problems” and ignore it Tim: yes Tim: this issue of moral relativism (sry for the big words) is getting worse by the day Cassie: it really […]