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Watching Holiday Classics

Watching “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” of course.

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Introducing The Classics

I love it when I get a chance to introduce my kids to some of the movie classics I grew up watching, like Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. I constantly feel like they just don’t make movies like they used to. These days everything is special effects and action, whereas the technologic limitations forced a […]

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Extended Family Holiday Weekend

Had a great extended weekend with the family. Loved having the extra day and enjoyed many fun activities. It started Friday night with my wife and I renting and watching The Shack. Saturday was a busy day starting off with the HWI group run followed by getting supplies and materials to build a deck out […]

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More About The Weekend…

So now my special someone is all the buzz with those that know me. Everyone wants to hear more about how things went, and what the scoop is. I even got asked did you get engaged. The answer to that is no. That is something that is in God’s hands and His timing. Whether He […]

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Busy Days, Lazy Nights…

Just wanted to make a quick post. My days, Monday & Tuesday, were crazy busy. On the other hand both evenings were kind of lazy on my part. Monday I did try working on recording some music. That would have been better if I ended up actually having something to show for the time I […]

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Busy Night…Small World

Well, today (er, I guess looking at the time I have to say tomorrow), it was a pretty slow day at work. Had a fun time talking about bread with a co-worker, she has like 3 bread machines, seems like her family would have bread coming our of their ears. From the conversations in the […]