Love Your Enemies…

Matthew 5:44 – So I happened to read a regular text entry on a Podcast that I subscribe to. This Podcast is like an audiobook, actually this is his second book. Well it would seem his site, with posts and comments, was hacked. This in and of itself isn’t a huge deal, except for the fact that the person doing the hacking is claiming to be apart of the cummunity of believers in Intelligent Design. It rather has me annoyed at how twisted people’s thinking get when it comes to their beliefs. How any true Christian can think that by attacking the non-Christian masses is going to be an effective witness is beyond me. How many converts did the Crusades see? I’m sure there were more deaths than converts to the Christian faith. Another example, is killing the doctors who perform abortions going to stop abortions from taking place, certainly not, and this only places Christians in the arena as other religions that believe violence is justified for their faith. Obviously the so-called Christians do not actually read God’s Word and value it as the ultimate truth. God has infinitely more power than we will ever have, and He can work in the hearts of people. As Christians, while we need to stand our ground and desire a safe world for our families, we need to stop this un-God like attack on the secular world.

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