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Busy Days, Lazy Nights…

Just wanted to make a quick post. My days, Monday & Tuesday, were crazy busy. On the other hand both evenings were kind of lazy on my part. Monday I did try working on recording some music. That would have been better if I ended up actually having something to show for the time I spent. I sort of had something, probably was trying to add in some percussion loops to what I had recorded. I ended up having my own timing on what I recorded. Well, of course I didn’t save each take as a seperate recording session, GarageBand still seems a bit odd to work with at times. Last night I just worked on trying to update some software both on the podcast site and on my computer. I also spent some time on the phone. I watched a movie that I picked up over the weekend. It’s another 80’s geek movie, Real Genius, starring a young Val Kilmer. It’s got a great combination of geekiness and comedy. Well, back to work I head, plenty to do. Just wanted to give a quick update on life. Still trying to get a good handle on the learning circle this week. I guess perhaps the good thing is that I’ve been intentionally thinking about the learning circle, but my devotions haven’t been topics that I’ve been given opportunities to act on. As I just think about this, I believe I’m forgetting to truely apply the learning circle. I haven’t posted about my devotions or talked with anyone about them. I haven’t been getting to the “discussion” aspect of the learning circle. I guess there is an obvious key here that I’m missing, no wonder I feel like I haven’t gone anywhere. Well, I would say that tomorrow I’ll have to make a point of posting my thoughts on my morning devotions. I had done this for a time in the past, and it was good to get feedback from others. I’ll have to work on doing this again. This will of course require me to get to bed at a decent time so I have enough time before work to do all of this. Well, I’m really getting going here and need to stop. Valete(good bye)!

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