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Knocking Out Another 14 Miles With The Hope Water Team

Taken by Seth Doyle on $2016-03-28

Only $355 more to go before October 20th, day. That’s another 53 people that will get clean water in Africa. Just another $12.25 a day from partners to hit the goal. Who’s with me? https://timn.me/2Kx7NEr

It was great to be able to join the Hope Water team again this morning and run with the group. I enjoyed some great conversation with Justin Dykstra. I could sure tell the difference between having someone to run with versus not when I finished the last 4 miles on my own. If you struggle to get out and run I strongly urge you to find a group to run with. The miles melt away when you get into conversation. And you are building real connections that will last much longer than a PR(Personal Record).

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