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Crossing The Finish Line 0

Ran The Hot Cider Hustle – Grand Rapids 5K

Run the Grand Rapids Hot Cider Hustle 5k on Nov. 11th. All participants get Long Sleeve quarter zip, hot cider, caramel apple and finishers mug! Use #HotCiderHustle to share your photos! Complete, up to...

First “Race” In The Books, Sort Of

Well race course didn’t get marked right so the 5k turned into a 2.2 mile. A lot of people not happy. I’m going to have to get some more miles in today.

Running Goals & Purpose

When I start talking with people about my running there is always the question of why I’m running and what my goals are. I’ll be honest that running just kind of happened. Don’t misunderstand,...

Back At The 5K Training

I got back outside and returned to using Endomondo for my 5k training. Today’s training had 10 very fast intervals which really seemed to kick my butt by the last couple but I made...

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