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My Amazing Wife

I was pleasantly surprised to find a note on my desk from my wife this morning. I have the best life partner!

Matthew 5:44-47

As Christians, Are We Rising To Jesus’ Calling?

Christians, are we remembering Jesus calling or following the world when we complain about our president? It seems that I hear a lot of complaining and negativity about everything that our president does. I...

Thankful During The Storms

It’s easy to be thankful when things are going good, even though I think we forget to be. It’s an even greater challenge to be thankful in the storms of life. If we would...

Putting Wood On The Fire

Put more wood into the fire by accompanying your partner to his/her favourite place. – Day 1, Refresh Your Marriage In 31 Days I can definitely see that the busyness of life makes it more...

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