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Who’s In Control On The Treadmill?

At a hotel this morning to #treadmill it is. I hate doing these 6.2 mile runs on the treadmill. Not to mention I feel way less in control. The very fact that this morning...

Fight Against The Treadmill

Today was a big fight against the new(used) treadmill. I guess it was hill training this morning. I have to figure out this new treadmill so that I can actually use it in line...

Week 2, River Bank Run 5K Training

Today started off my 2nd week of training for the Fifth Third River Bank Run 5K. Felt good after my workout so I can definitely see that I’m improving. Pro Gym, Jenison, Michigan

5K Number 5… Feeling Great!

I was pretty frustrated with my pace after yesterday’s run. I had a ton of support and encouragement from the HWP Team and I was super excited to see my results today. I paid...

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