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5 Easy Warmup Moves to Boost Your Runs

I share this because I’m terrible at remembering to do this. I need to start doing stretches before I really injure myself. 5 Easy Warmup Moves to Boost Your Runs

Best 5K Yet, But What’s The Goal

Another day of enjoying the warmer outside weather. My pace has significantly increased and the last 2 days I’ve done a standard run with no intervals. Well actually, I was doing a Ghost Run,...

4th 5K…Struggling With My Progress

Since I had more time today, day off today, I took an extra 4 minutes to cool down. Lost the full stats but caught my average minutes per mile to be 10. Feeling a...

Best Treadmill Run So Far

Back home at the gym and I had my best distance yet on the treadmill. I think putting in the extra time on my parents treadmill over the holiday trip was well worth it.

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