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We Can Always Choose To Take A Timeout

“God offers a table to us, a place of rest and renewal and community, in the presence of our enemies. No matter where we are or what pounds at our door, He invites us to sit with Him and eat at His table.” SELAH | Defining Rest In The Age Of Productivity

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Working From Rest, Productivity At It’s Best

“Man’s blessing didn’t come from what he produced, rather, what he produced stemmed from his blessing. Let that blessing fuel your work, so that striving ceases and what you produce comes out of a place of rest.” – SELAH | Defining Rest In The Age Of Productivity The start of this study reminded me of […]

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To PUT or to PATCH, That is The Question

The Simple Guide to HTTP Verbs: PATCH, PUT, and POST – DZone Integration

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Enterprise API Development…Navigating The Battlefield

Right now at work I’m the lead on a project to establish a new vendor API. Unfortunately there were decisions made on key specifications of how the API was to be developed before it was handed to me. Where I work there is a lot of legacy standards and so it’s challenging to introduce new […]