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What A Sermon…

Well, I did manage to make it to the fellowship time before church. I have to say I was a little disapointed to find no Sunday School class that was directed for my age. I was kind of feeling like an island again. Not that it really matters that most of the guys at church that are my age are married, but I really feel like the odd person. I wanted to sit with someone my age that I knew, which ended up being all girls. That’s fine I guess but as I looked around I didn’t see any sinlge guys my age in the entire room. I feel like such a loser.

The sermon this morning was excellent. Very convicting and challenging. I’ve decided that I’m going to do more with my blog. I’m going to make it a point of going to bed early. I just have to do this, so I can get up early enough to have some quite time and do some studying of the scripture. My point now is to do a morning post that is specifically what I get out of my morning devotions. I’m bumbed that I won’t be at church next Sunday, although I suppose I could drive back to Fergus after the wedding, we’ll see. Today’s sermon is part of a 3-part series.

I have to say, that even though there doesn’t seem to be anyone my own age to hang out with, there are youth guys that do. This kind of blows me away to think that these guys actually want to hang out with some old guy. Yes, I’m feeling old again. This year, next month, will be number 27, a lot closer to 30. This was the first of many Sundays where I actually stayed and talked after church was out, of course it was with a couple of youth, but that seems to be the extent of my social circle. Ok, I know yeah I just had two opportunities to hang out with people my own age this past week. My point though is that there are just no guys for me to hang out with. I feel like an idiot. Oh, yeah ended up eating alone in the restraunt for lunch again, like a loser.

Yeah, well, poor me. That gets on my nerves, being all pitiful. If anyone does read all this crap I tend to write, I wouldn’t expect anything less then them telling me to get a life. Yeah I know, I’m told by many that I’m too hard on myself. Guess I have a self-esteem problem right. Well whatever. There are times I wonder if I just have some kind of depression. If so, oh well. I just do my best to try to ignore it. I think this is probably why I try to just keep myself busy with stuff. When I don’t I just sit around and get all down on myself. Boy am I pathetic. Ah, not looking for any sympathy, or anyone that cares for that matter. Remember, if your reading this, refer to the disclaimer page.

So out of the puddle of crap and on to other things. I think the youth praise team may really come together this year. I spent most of the afternoon working on music. I put together a pretty good set that we’ll be able to work on fo the praise team. After talking to Anders today I think we’ll work on this set for a few weeks before we all get up and lead. I may just grab 1 or 2 people to just sing with me on Wednesday for now. I want to make sure that everyone is comfortable playing with each other before we lead as a team. I think I decided I’m going to stick to using OpenSong for projection during youth group. I’m just hoping we’ll have use of the projector. I’m really tempted to see how I could buy my own projector, as the church’s old one has a color problem, that’s why they got a new one.

Well, as I was reading some camp people’s blogs. It sounds like most people rather read short posts, so I’d better wrap things up. Not that I guess I care if anyone cares to read through my entire post. Ah, can’t get going again. I need to get all my bills done before I head to bed in the next half hour. Boy I can’t believe I’m going to bed in a half hour, this is a first. Well, signing off…

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  1. tim this is ashley. you are not a loser. or pathetic. you are a fun guy. obvioulsy. i hope you feel better. don’t be depressed. you can hang out with me..oh yeah and you arent old. so i hope you feel better. maybe you should get a smoothie tomorrow that always cheers me up. good luck..

  2. Oh, what do they know…if you say you are a loser, then who are we to argue? Good grief, Tim! Where does a relationship with Jesus Christ come into this; Go ahead and mope…Jesus did have any guys his age in his Sunday School classes either…think about it, man!

    Actually, the above is a fairly typical evangelical response to your self-evaluation and your honest expression of your feelings. It’s too bad when good people feel lonely or alone…because there really are so many other good people out there…people who would care and actually like you! Smile!!

    No, really, smile.
    You’re a good guy, and I mean it.

  3. Hey Bruce, Thanks for the encouraging words. I totally agree with you. I really get into this pity state some days. I think I probably do suffer from some kind of depression or something. It usually passes, and I do try to continue to look to Christ for His support and to get my mind out of that thinking. One benefit of keeping this open commentary on my thoughts is people really know what’s going on in my head. And I’ve gotten a lot of encouragement from it, not that this was or is my intention. I tend to be a more quite person which is something I constantly battle as well. Thanks again!

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