Time To Get Serious: Life’s Greatest Pursuit

Today begins a great step for me. I’ve gotten up in time for devotions & quite time, and looks like I’ll get to work a little earlier. I started reading a devotional I picked up some time ago. Time To Get Serious by Tony Evans.

The reading for today seems to fit right along with Pastor Dave’s message yesterday. The key scripture Philippians 3:3-7 was when Paul was talking about all the things he could boast in but that none of it meant anything next to Christ. While the devotional talked a lot about things we tend to boast about, and honestly I rarely feel there is anything I tend to boast about, the biggest message was that getting to know God is the only thing worth boasting about.

Now I think we need to be careful, and not take the topic of boasting in the Lord the wrong way. As Christians we cannot have the idea that we are somehow better then others that are not Christians. At the very least we should be concerned and heart-broken over those that choose not to follow Christ. I really think the boasting comes in telling others what God is teaching us and how He is using that to work in our lives. If you use simple worldly knowledge as an example. People are more interested in how all your knowledge of something has helped provide something for the world, rather than just the fact that you are smart and have some degree. What good does knowledge do anyone if it is not put to work. That is just like being a Christian. We have the greatest opportunity to get to know God and a friend in Christ. It is not enough to simply know this, we must tell others about it.

As Pastor Dave talked about the scriptures being an example of “sharpening the axe”, I can definitely see that today. Once again God is calling me to first be taking the time to get to know Him, and second that I need to be sharing my faith with others. I need to be having my eyes open to the opportunities God brings to share with others. I do pray that God continues to teach me and work on me and my quiteness. Amen!

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