Time To Get Serious: Encountering a Holy God

Psalm 11:4-7 – The scripture for today talks about God’s Holiness and our sinfulness. I think it becomes so easy, and wrongfully so, for Christians to begin to rank sin. The reality of it is that in God’s eyes there is no one that is more sinful than another. I know we can think that as Christian were better, and not nescesarily boasting in that, but we think those that maybe aren’t Christians are so much worse than we are. Boy are we deceived. God is Holy and perfect and can’t stand the hint of sin. As Christians the difference for us, as compared to someone that isn’t a Christian, is that we have Christ standing in place for us. The decision we make to put our faith in Christ and follow Him, is the only thing that makes us different. We have to admit that we are lost sinful people and we need Christ’s saving grace.

We need to keep in mind daily that we are living in grace. This ties in very well with the study that Andrew led on Wednesday. We talked about justification, sanctification, & glorification. Today’s tpoic brings us back to the issue of sanctification, and that we are sanctified by faith alone, not by the things we do. There is alos no earning grace, it’s freely given to us, and we must acknowledge our need and accept it. Only through Christ do we rise about others in God’s eyes.

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