DISC and Colds…

Not going to post much today. We had a seminar on DISC profiles today at work. It was good to understand our own personalities and how we should interact with others of different personalities. I didn’t end up going to Fargo, I need to get some rest and didn’t want things to get too late getting home. Although it’s late now, I’m heading to bed soon. I did get together with John & Anders and we watched The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy it was funny to watch again. It’s on my list of movies to purchase. I think Anders has convinced me to read the books. I got notice that my new digital camera should be here Tuesday. I’m excited to start getting out and capturing some nature shots. I’ll be able to capture some activity photos I can post on my blog too. Well I’m off to hopefully get some sleep and get over this cold and I’ll be poppin a couple of vitamin C pills. I’ll be off to Becky & Peter’s wedding tomorrow so I don’t know if I’ll get a post in tomorrow night. I will be trying to get a morning devotions post in tomorrow. Oh, almost forgot, I got a mention on the MacCast concerning my Apple/iTunes saga. I’m glad to have the word getting out. Night All!

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