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Another Year Older…

Well, I’m now one year older at 27. I guess I’m kind of starting off this new year of my birth with some changes, LOL. I was able to get up at 5 this morning & be to work by 7. I ate breakfast, watched a little news, did some devotions. I was given a little celebration during break at work too! I was given a birthday balloon and a card from everyone in the office. It was nice to have my birthday be a little more than just another day. That was really the extent of it but it was the best birthday I’ve had in a long while. Some year it might be nice to actually have a party with friends. No biggy though, it was a pretty good day anyways.

So kind of a bummer, one of the servers (the File Server) decided to have problems. Looks like one of the drives in it is going bad. Basically it took all day to bring it back online. It up and running now, hoping it’ll work for people until I get the new drive in. It made it kind of hard for some to get a lot done.

I got home around 4:15 or so from work which was nice. I did a light supper, eating breakfast and having a good lunch I wasn’t very hungry. This is just fine as perhaps I can shed some pounds. A side note, when I was talking about getting up early it was mentioned to me I should be going to the YMCA. There is I guess some kind of health insurance reimbursement for this. I might look into this if it can almost cost me nothing. And it would mean I would have to go in like twice a week. I probably wouldn’t do this in the morning but perhaps for an hour right after work. So back to the evening after work. After supper and some Seinfeld, sweet, I got to work on the website project I was hired for. It was actually a pretty productive go of it. I think I’ll be ready to get the forms all coded up and should be ready for a review next Monday.

Well, I finished up the night with doing a little surfing, and now my blog post for the day. I’m going to get a chapter of “A Passionate Life” in before I hit the sack. All-in-all it was a pretty good day.

Ok, so one final note. Today of course didn’t come without some thought of getting older and still batchin’ it. Actually, someone mentioned it in a little note in my b-day car at work. Yeah, so I’m another year older, a little closer to 30, and still single. Well that’s just how it is. There really is no reason to fuss over it. There are plenty of people that would like to see me get hooked up, and that’s just cause they want to see me happy. None of us know God’s plan for our lives, so we can’t be worrying about what’s not in our control. Granted some may argue that me being single is very much in my control. As I talked with my friend Chad last week. I have things I just don’t think it’s right to compromise on. I do feel like perhaps I’ve got a pretty small box for someone to fit into, but God knows how to make that work. When, and if, the time is right someone will come along. If I lose sight of that then it’ll just get me down. I just thought of too, that perhaps there is someone out there that is wondering why they haven’t found someone, and perhaps it’s because they are in my box and that box just doesn’t work for others. (not sure if that makes sense, hard to explain) Well, it’s 10, and I need to get to bed…sleepy calls. Really should have been in bed like an hour ago, LOL. NIGHT OWL!!!…LOL! Chow!

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  1. happy…happy happy birth..day…its your birthday…hey

    On this your 27th birtday in the 2005th year of our Lord I give thee…a birtday pun:

    I was walking through a cornfield and it was a-maize-ing

    Get it? Get it?

    Happy birtday timothy the nolte

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