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Youth Group Kickoff…

Well, today work was pretty normal. Nothing too special. We had the youth group kickoff and things seemed to go pretty well. I got over to the church about 5:15 or so to get the sound system & projection equipment all setup. I worked on fine tuning OpenSong a little during break at work and then finished up with adding some announcements Andrew had. Maralee was willing to run presentation. My only problem with OpenSong thus far is that it has slow transitions. I still think it’s a pretty good tool for free on the Mac. We had a good intro meeting as small group leaders. We’ve got a great group of leaders this year, we always do, it’ll be fun working with them. The “Bigger & Better” scavenger hunt was fun. The guys that joined me seemed to have a good time. We didn’t win but we got the youth group another TV. The team that won had gotten a truck topper. It was the closest to a whole vehicle anyone really got. The praise & worship time went ok, the area got a little crammed with all the scavenger stuff around, and I felt like I rushed things too much. I really don’t know that I do a very good job of leading. I’ll keep it up until God brings someone else along. Afterwards I had a good time connecting with youth about joining the praise team. Annalisa was telling me a little about her summer at camp, sound like she had a great experience. I talked guitar with Tommy, and that was loads of fun too. Michael was very interested, I hope I get a chance to get to know him.

This year I really need to get out of my comfort zone and just try and get to know more of the youth. I’m just some old guy, so what does it matter if the youth think I’m weird. This is something that Andrew agrees we all, including the youth, need to be working on this year.

After the meeting went over to John & Charisty’s, they invited a bunch of us over for peaches & ice cream. It was fun to hang out with people, expecially my own age. I was really nice to hear that people we glad to see me, youth and other leaders. I’ve kind of been in a hermit mode. It’s so easy for me to just stay at home and not do anything. I’m still not sure about just calling people up to hang out. My problem is who would I call and what would we do? It would really be nice to have a co-worker/friend like I had at SCTC that I saw on a regular basis and I could call to hang out. More of my problem is I’m a geek. There just aren’t that many people that are interested in that. I kind of feel like I really need to find some other normal hobby. Something to talk about other than geeky stuff. Just one more thing to work on.

Kari invited me over to her house on Friday for a game night/get together that she’s having. I’m looking forward to this to, hope I can get out of my shell a little. Boy it would be good if some kind of regular circle of friends was formed. Not sure how many people are married. That always seems to make things kind of weird. I always have a problem when I hang out with Chad & Laura, I definitly feel like a third wheel.

Well, another day gone…marching on.

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  1. Well, I didn’t realize my posts were getting posted to Xanga more than once. Just cleaned it up now. This looks to have started when Xanga change my account to a Premium account as a trial. It was working just great before. I think there is a problem in my plugin with the Premium Xanga. I’ll have to watch this.

  2. Tim, Just to let you know that you are always welcomed over to our house and that if you ever want to play games or just hang out that’s fine with me!! However I’m not really a night owl so we just have to keep to like midnight or even 1 am. 🙂 Thanks for hanging out with us and making the night even better!!!

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