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God is Awesome, of Course…Today Life is Grand Too!

Ok, so today was a pretty excellent day. It’s amazing that God can be so good to us despite our downfalls. Well, this morning I found out something pretty crazy. One of my matches on eHarmony just happens to be someone that I at least know of. I can’t recall actually meeting her at anytime. The thing of it is that I have worked with her sister. And I know her Dad. She’s not a paying member of eHarmony but that’s just fine. We’ve already started to chat a little on MSN. I don’t know where this will lead if anywhere. I have no expectations but I’m looking forward to getting to know her. I already know enough about her that I know I’m looking forward to getting to know her better. She’s going to be in a production of the musical Grease this weekend at Concordia University. I’m actually considering this. I have no real plans, and I’d love to go see a musical. We’ll see I guess the days would be either Friday or Sunday. Well we’ll see.

Another great thing today was youth group. I decided to lead a few songs totally unplugged. It was great as everyone there was totally into singing. We had a good time of discussion when Andrew led tonight. Oh, and also I was able to communicate to the small group leaders tonight about something that God placed on my heart to share. When we got into it, our small group was excellent. I really hope the guys got what they needed from tonight. We actually decided to start meeting Mondays at 6:30 am at Perkins for a time to study God’s Word. This is going to be a great way to start of the week I think. I’m trusting God to bless this time and guide me as I lead it. I’m going to be doing some learnin’ here too, which I’m really looking forward to. This is something I’ve thought about doing for some time now. I had the benfit of having a youth leader (Doug Bruce) that took the time to do this with me when I was in high school. It had a huge impact on my life.

Well, it’s late once again…I want to get a little reading in before I ge to bed. I knew I shouldn’t have gotten on to IM…oh well it was all good. Chow for now!

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  1. Hey, that’s where I go to school. I know who you’re talking about too and also know her sister, having worked with her at camp. I don’t really know her though but see her on campus quite a bit (very small school).

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