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What Have I Gotten Myself Into…?

OK, let’s recap the day first. Got up at 5:30 this morning. Had some good time before work. I still really feel getting up at 5:00 would be better, I just can’t get to bed very early, grrr. Work was good today. I feel like I’m finally getting caught up with stuff. Yes! That’ll probably jinks it, LOL. I’m finding that I’m going to have to do some research to find a better system for the free church websites we’re providing. I might have to do something custom, so long as it’s easy to use. Overall a good day. It was nice to have some extra time today before youth praise team practice. The practice went pretty well. Some of the songs are new so it makes it a little harder for them. I’m going to be sure to try and do all songs they are familiar with for the next set, maybe one new one.

Well, in reference to the title…I’m getting a little freaked out with this whole eHarmony thing. So I decided to widen my match settings to about 300 miles. Well this brought 3 new matches. And one of them began going through the communication steps with me. I’m freaking out cause what do I do. I’m not the kind of guy to consider persuing a relationship with multiple women, and see which one “works out”. This is way new territory for me. I guess it’s ok to get to the point of a first meeting with any number of matches as the physical meeting, and time together, will help to determine if anything is worth persuing. Problem here is I’m the guy that can’t even get up enough courage to ask a women out for a date. LOL, I just thought of something funny. Perhaps this God’s way of making me realize that this while area of my life is still totally in His control. He’s probably laughing at me right now, in a good way of course. Well, I guess what did I expect? Actually, what I did expect was nothing. I kind of figured I had to strange of a personality, and “specs” for a mate, that the system couldn’t find me a match. Well, I guess I did adjust those “specs” a little. Well, we’ll see where this all leads. Well, I need to hit the sack. Chow again. Boy it feels good to be blogging a little more regularly again. Yeah!

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  1. Ummm….I’m impressed that you are up at 5:30 am. Yuck!! My eyes really don’t even like 6:30 am. But I guess that will change!

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