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Being Social…Fun Stuff!

So, not a lot to report on today. I’m feeling a need a little bit more time in the morning to get going. If I would get myself to bed at a decent time it would help, hopefully I’ll accomplish that tonight. Got into work and started working on website stuff. I pretty much worked on website stuff all day. I had a meeting with Church Services and we’re getting realy close with the new bookstore website. I’m hoping perhaps by Christmas, maybe even the end of this month, we’ll see.

So I did a little more IMing (is that even a word, probably will be) with, well, Sarah. It was all good, except for the part of it keeping me from my work. She had to go to work when we stopped anyways. Seems both of us can get talking away on MSN. Granted, I’m not a huge talker all they time. Although with as carried away as I get on here sometimes you’d think otherwise. Give me the right topic and good interaction and I can be quite the talker. I’m pretty much deciding I’m heading down to the play on Sunday. I guess I’m not expecting to be getting together with Sarah. For obvious reasons, one is her family is going down to see it and I’m sure she’ll be spending time with them, and I really don’t even know her (really), I’m kind of just sitting back and enjoying things as they come a long. We might get together for coffee or something if/when she’s in town. Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing the play. It’s been ages since I’ve been to one. It’s something I’d really like to do more of, I should make time for that. I guess part of it is I don’t always have the money for that.

Andrew F. had other plans already tonight, he forgot about them, so we didn’t get together for supper. Sounds like he’s game for heading down to the play with me. I had a pretty full evening as it was. When I got home from work I called up my cousin to help her get her printer working. In the end it turned out to be two issue. One was that there was a software configuration problem, it was easily fixed, the other thing was the printer had no ink. I kind of laughed about this to myself. I’m assuming she was able to get some ink and everything worked for her, I didn’t get a call back.

Tonight was our weekly game of Settlers. It was a pretty good game. I was very close to winning, but Dan snuck up and took the game. He has a habit of doing this. He’s actually won three weeks in a row now. I left as they were starting a game of Carcassone, they usually play I don’t. I’m trying to get to bed at a decent time so I know I need to be going by then. What’s funny is I’ll be back at it playing Settlers again tomorrow with John, Anders, and Crowser. It’ll be a bit earlier. Acutally got talking to Crowser on IM tonight and I’m going to meet him at Pizza Ranch tomorrow for supper. This will be good.

Well, on a final note this eHarmony thin has just got me going nuts. I’m getting like a match a day. This is way more than I ever expected. I’m not initiating anything, but seems like some of them are initiating with me. I guess this is perhaps the self-esteem boost I needed. Guess there really are women out there at least compatible by some standards. Well, that’ll be all for tonight. I think I may actually get to bed a t a decent time, yeah! Going, going, gone…

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  1. life’s tough when it comes to stuff like this (eharmony….) but hey step back and watch God work! You have been on my mind constantly, just praying for you and I’m totally confident God is woking in amazing ways. See ya Tim,

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