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Is God Leading Me…Well of Course

Hmm…so as I was just beginning to type this post I’m thinking once again. What is really ok to be sharing and what isn’t. I tend to be almost an open book with my life on here. Is this ok. My ultimate concern is how the people that read it might be effected, especially if it happens that I talk about them in my blog. The truth of the matter is I need to be extra careful about what I say about any, if at all. Talking about people on here is borderline gossip, actually it’s not much different. So now I’m thinking I need to change my writting a bit. What I write needs to be kept about myself for the most part. Obviously making a comment that I went to some place with someone, and I use their name, isn’t a big deal. However any thoughts I have about someone need to be kept to myself, and shared only with that person if I’m going to speak about it at all. So this brings up the whole eHarmony topic. Seems like I’ve already said too much on here concerning that subject. I’m referring to the other involved.

Well, where I was originally going with this entry was the fact that my newest eHarmony match as sent me a really amazing message. I won’t go into the details of it but it’s obvious that God is guiding this whole eHarmony thing, in my life that is. This shouldn’t be a surprise as I’ve been seeking His will in the whole thing. It continues to amaze my how God works, it’s sad what so many people in this world are missing.

Well, that’s all for this morning. Signing off…

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