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Full Days…

So I didn’t really get off to a good start this morning. Basically my whole sleeping schedule has been thrown off. Tomorrow I will be forcing myself to get up when the alarm goes off. The day turned out pretty excellent however. The Bible study I had with a couple of youth guys really revealed a wrong attitude I had about the weekend coming up. I find it can be frustrating to see people treat others with such disrespect, especially when we are talking about Christians. I guess it is easy to hold Christians up to a higher standard. This is right and wrong. While we should expect Christian to be doing what’s right in the eyes of the Lord, we also need to show them the same level of grace that we have through Christ. Without God’s grace where would any of us be. This is back to the hexagon in the Life Shapes, “forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us”, it can be so easy to forget this, shame on us (on me).

Youth praise team practice went really well tonight. I think I’ve got a plan that is going to work to do music in the fellowship hall, we’ll see. We’ll be taking a break next week, then have a practice of Christmas music to lead for the Christmas party.

Chad, called me today. I felt bad that I was right at the beginning of the Bible study and couldn’t really talk. Then there’s youth group tomorrow, game night on Thursday, and head down to Le Sueur for the Cantata on Friday for the weekend. It never fails, Decemeber is always the busy month. The most important thing I want to be getting done before Christmas is Chad & Laura’s wedding DVD.

I’ve kind of been surprise, and humbled, by the number of comments I’ve received on my writting. I guess when you are a social introvert by nature, yet a fairly creative individual that the thoughts in your head have to come out in some form. My form has been my blogging. I used to write a lot longer ago, like high school & elementary school. When the computer was put in my hands I kind of lost sight of the writting. I haven’t done much for writting since 10th grade when I completed a year of college writting & english. Even though I may not have the deepest vocabulary (thx Anders :-P) it would seem that my writing is fairly easy for people to read. Now the length of my posts isn’t perhaps the easiest to take in.

Well, once again my pillow is calling (as I listen to “Who Am I” by Casting Crowns). Valete!

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  1. All Christians are…the only difference between nonbelievers and believers is WE (the believers) are sinners saved by grace. We still mess up and we still reveal that we are human. Thats the only difference, but God does call us to a higher standard.
    Talk to you later Tim, have a great one

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