Seeing The Light…

Since I’m still up, oh boy, let’s get a quick post in. Well, I’ll have to say that I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve got only one project I’ll be working on this week. I’m hoping to have that finished up by weeks end. The next step will be to take a break and just be social. I had a good time tonight visiting with some friends that were in town. Darren’s Mom & step Dad live right across the street. I’m going to have to plan a trip to visit them this spring. I didn’t get a chance to play with little Dane, so there’s another reason to visit.

Well, the weekend was mostly used to work on projects, what’s new, but they’re getting all done and out of the way. Actually, I had a good lunch with Ben, and Anders helped me out with some video stuff during the afternoon. So it feels nice to be spending time with people again. Well, the bed is calling me, and I need some sleep if I ever hope to get up in the morning. Ended up staying up cause I was waiting for my Dad’s phone call, oh well. Nite!

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