Only A Weekly Post It Would Seem?

So what takes up so much of Mr. Tim’s time that he cane only find the time once a week to post on his bloody blog? That’s a good question. While it would seem that in an effort to simplify my I’ve managed to make it slightly bit more complicated. What is the one greatest thing that can complicate a man’s life? Take a guess, and I’ll only give you one try. A woman always complicates life, and yes that has what’s complicated mine. And you know what, I say bring on the complication and piles of it! I know some of you are aware of this special someone in my life, and you are all dying to meet her. Well, I’m dying for everyone I know to meet her too. Here’s the real complicated part she’s hundreds of miles away. She really does want to be able to meet my friends and family and we already have some of that planned out.

The other normalcies of life seem to be taking up the rest of my time. I do finally have the couple of DVD projects done. I wont’ be doing any more editing on the Guys Night Out it’s just going to have to go as is. So it would seem other than my podcast I now have no side projects going on, which is kind of nice. OK, I just realized that’s not true as I’m still waiting to complete the Cantata recording that I began way back in December. Waiting to get some feedback on it.

Last Friday, had a great night out with some of you guys (Anders, Crowser, Matt). We hung out some at the Fargo mall and and took in a movie. Enjoyed the good taste of some Coldstone icecream, yum! We saw Ultraviolet at the Century 10 theatre. It was a pretty great movie from a cinematography point of view, the story was a big rough and hard to follow without more back story. I’d recommend waiting until that one comes out on DVD before seeing it.

Well, I’m calling it a night, as I was up pretty late trying to troubleshoot a webcam issue with my gal. I’m really hoping we get it figured out as it would be much nicer to actually be able to see each other when we talk. Well, nite all!

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