I’m Sick…And Tired…

Each day passes by and I wonder what ever happened to the daily need to publish my thoughts. Well it is still there, however I find my time somehow filled with other things. The time passes and my eyes grow heavy with the thought of sleep. Perhaps I have more of a life now, perhap I have come to a point of not so depressing thoughts. I guess one factor that has changed in my life is the on-going communication I have with others. I actually have real people to care on discussion with. Perhaps that is satisfying my need to communicate with the world at large via my blog. That is probably true in part. I still find it easy to tap away my thoughts. Even now I realize I could probably go on for hours what is going on in my life. I know that there are many that would be interested to hear all the details. The problem arises for me tonight that I’ve caught a bothersome cold. I need to get some rest to hopefully kick this thing. I’m going to need to work to getting to bed earlier. Well, the call to sleep has drawn closer so I must say fare-thee-well!

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